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SEIRPC Administration
Mike Norris Executive Director 319-753-4310  
Sherri Jones Executive Assistant 319-753-4322  

Roger Keller Transit Director 319-753-4309  
Gerald Huebner Operations Manager 319-753-4315  
Chris Crowner Scheduler 319-753-4301  
Debbie Blackledge Receptionist / Transit Backup 319-753-4317  
Judy Holden Transit Backup 319-753-4331  

Administrative Department
Susan Coffey Administrative Director 319-753-4302  
Tracey Lamm Regional Development Coordinator 319-753-4306  
Lisa McPherson Planning Assistant 319-753-4305  

Housing Department
Mike Norris Director 319-753-4310  
Sara Hecox Grant Administrator 319-753-4311  
Carolyn Lees Housing Assistant 319-753-4320  

Planning Department
Zach James Assistant Director 319-753-4313  
Jarred Lassiter Regional Planner 319-753-4321  
Kansha Tiwari Regional Planner 319-753-4312  
Steven Stransky Regional Planner 319-753-4316  

Finance Department
Lori Gilpin Finance Director 319-753-4303  


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